Hello World

First Post. Well, not quite.

The first Pass The Source post happened many months ago on stuff.co.nz. It is still available as are all my other posts under that banner. However, times have moved on and we have moved with them. When I wrote my Stuff based blog I was “the one” and finding the time to write something reasonable and write it frequently became hard.

So, under this banner Pass the Source will be personed by a number of contributors, all with a Free software bent and with varied backgrounds. The initial roll includes:

Me, Don Christie, one of Catalyst IT Ltd’s founders, Director and also President of the NZOSS

Chris Daish, organiser of the NZ Open Source Awards, Government Liason Officer for the NZOSS

John Rankin, Wellington’s leading strategic IT consultant, owner of Affinity Ltd.

Vik Olliver of RepRap fame, NZOSS councilor and Aucklander.

Matthew Hunt, a writer and software developer who has been using open source software for the past 15 years and doesn’t feel like stopping. Who also implemented a URL shortening service before TinyURL made them trendy (and profitable, oh to be second, just for once).

And so, that’s all for now folks.

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